22 Fruits High in Potassium - A Ranking from Highest to Lowest

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22 Fruits High in Potassium - A Ranking from Highest to Lowest

Potassium is an essential nutrient used to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. It plays a critical role in the transmission of electrical impulses in the heart, muscles, and nervous system. (1)

A deficiency in potassium causes fatigue, irritability, and hypertension (high blood pressure). (1)

Fruits high in potassium include avocados, guavas, kiwifruit, cantaloupe, bananas, pomegranate, apricots, cherries, and oranges. The current daily value (DV) for potassium is 4700mg. (2)

Below is a list of fruits high in potassium, for more, see the extended lists of potassium rich fruits, dried fruits high in potassium, and articles on high potassium foods and high potassium vegetables.

Less Common Potassium Rich Fruits

1. Passion Fruit (Granadilla) per cup 17% DV
2. Mamey Sapote per cup 17% DV
3. Jackfruit per cup 16% DV
4. Soursop per cup pulp 13% DV
5. Sapodilla (Chiku) per cup pulp 10% DV
6. Cherimoya per cup (pieces) 10% DV
7. Elderberries per cup 9% DV
8. Loquats per cup 8% DV
9. Black Currants per cup 8% DV
10. Kiwano (Horned Melon) per cup 6% DV

Dried Fruits High in Potassium

1. Dried Apricots per cup 32% DV
2. Dried Bananas per cup 32% DV
3. Prunes (Dried Plums) per cup 30% DV
4. Golden Raisins per cup 26% DV
5. Zante Currants per cup 24% DV
6. Dried Apples per cup 8% DV
7. Medjool Dates per date 4% DV
8. Deglet Noor Dates in 3 dates 3% DV

How much potassium do you need each day?

The daily value (%DV) for Potassium is 4700mg which is a general target intended for most people. Adequate intakes (%AI) take age and gender into account and range from 2000mg - 3400mg for most people.

Life StageAI
0-6 months old400mg
7-12 months old860mg
1-3 years old2000mg
4-8 years old2300mg
9-13 years old2500mg
14-18 years old3000mg
19+ years old3400mg
9-13 years old2300mg
14-18 years old2300mg
19+ years old2600mg
14-18 years old2600mg
19+ years old2900mg
14-18 years old2500mg
19-30 years old2800mg

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