How to Cook Quinoa

Quinoa is a grain renowned for its protein content, with a complete set essential amino acids and a good amount iron, quinoa is a staple that is a snap to make. For this recipe you will need one cup of quinoa and two cups of water. It will serve 2-4 people.
Total Preparation and/or Cooking Time: 25 Minutes
Step 1:
Get a cup of quinoa. Most quinoa in North America has been cleaned of saponins (chemicals which coat quinoa and impart a bitter taste). Soak quinoa from outside of North America for 1-2 hours, then change the water, soak again, and rinse. This process will remove the saponins, and their bitterness.
Step 2:
Place the quinoa in a pot and add two cups of water. Set the quinoa to medium high heat, no lid is necessary.
Step 3:
After 10-15 minutes all the water should be absorbed and the quinoa will be cooked.
Step 4:
You now have quinoa ready to go along side a stew or with steamed vegetables.
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