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Find detailed nutrition data

Search nutrition facts for over 600,000 foods. Enter ingredients to your own recipes and meals to view totals. Over 132 nutrients and micronutrients are available (free!).

Rank and Sort Foods By Nutrient

Use the nutrient ranking tool or our curated food list articles to find foods with the nutrients you need.

Plan and log your meals

Plan your meals to track daily nutrient targets. Plus you can create custom foods, recipes, and meals to make meal planning easy.

Compare foods, ingredients, and recipes

Use the comparison tool to get insights into which foods affect your recipes and goals. Select foods in your dashboard, or click "comparison" in the recipe calculator to toggle between a comparison view and totals view.

Discover and Learn About New Foods

View our nutritionist's curated food lists on MyFoodData.

A Focus on Data Quality

MyFoodData sources data from the USDA Food Data Central. All foods have a link to the original data source near the bottom of each page.

We make every attempt to accurately transmit the data from the USDA, and routinely update the database with the latest numbers.

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What People Are Saying

"Your app is incredible!!! I'm so glad I found it. I am getting educated on what's in my food.”

Susan G.

" I was diagnosed with stage 3b of CKD! I set about reading all I could find about a condition that was completely unfamiliar to me. It was my frantic and desperate search for ANYTHING on phosphorus content of foods that brought me to myfooddata.com. With the help of MyFoodData, I could adjust amounts, so I could fit in the 5 nutrients for which I am now to keep below certain limits. I cannot imagine how many hours it would have taken me every day, time that I was not sure I had, to figure out my food intake.”

Melissa A.

"I have very strict limits on protein and potassium. I use the Daily Food Log to plan, log, revise, and record everything I eat. It's enabled me to meet my targets.”

Bruce B.

"I was diagnosed as being an Oxalate stone maker and was told I had to focus recording on my daily salt, added sugars, protein, and calcium intake to reduce the chances of getting more stones. The task was overwhelming…I started to manually record every morsel of food that I consumed to keep track of my daily goals and it would take 3-4hrs maybe more than that a day. When I came across Myfooddata.com in my quest to find a site that would keep me on track I was elated! Myfooddata not only has an enormous database of food but I could input my own food choice brands that I use on a regular basis and I could create recipes and daily meal plans I could input with just a click…breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It calculates the nutritional info I chose for my needs. This program has been for me a God send. I am so grateful for Paul (the heart behind this program) he made my life so much easier and so much healthier.”

Paula W.
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